Article published by Artmajeur on Instagram about my work "Lucie 03"

This article about my work "Lucie 03" has been published today on Instagram by Art website, as well as placing the work in the highlights of their home page:
"Jose Carmona`s portrait, the result of a purely #digital artistic experimentation, is the result of the composition, carried out through the technique of collage, of thousands of images of the works made by the Spanish artist in recent years, culminating in the "synthetic" depiction of a frontal female face, which, extremely sure of its charm, is capable of capturing the gaze of the viewer, bewitching him like the song of a siren. ⁠
In a purely art-historical, contemporary context, it is impossible not to refer, given the aforementioned portrait execution technique, to the digital record collage: Everydays: The First 5000 Days by Mike Winkelmann, known as #Beeple. In fact, such NFT was sold for a record $69 million at Christie`s first purely digital auction, which took place last March and gave visibility to the aforementioned creation, the result of the assemblage of illustrations, ranging from images of Hillary Clinton to those of the most well-known cartoon characters.⁠
Unlike the physicality of the Artmajeur artist`s work, however, the recipient of Beeple`s collage owns the work in the form of a unique code string, called a non-fungible token. In fact, Everydays: The First 5000 Days has no physical presence and was delivered directly from Beeple to the buyer, accompanied by a unique encrypted #NFT, signed by the artist and uniquely identified on the blockchain.⁠"