Witnesses of the age of excess

When in 2018 concluded the 1st Art for Beans Contest, What is Art, all participants agreed on one thing: Art is basically an act of communication.
Parallel to that I have continued experimenting since then with content generated automatically from mathematical sequences, it is the project that I called "Messages from chaos" and that in this web has its continuation as a catalog of my current works as a consequence of that initial project.
The intention of that project was to show that, so in Art everything is valid, and a machine could automatically generate contents, these contents could be considered Art.
In the course of these last years I have verified that what I considered an experiment has been the norm in terms of content proliferation in the networks, and in all internet initiatives (NFTs, marketplaces, publishers, youtube, etc...). In some cases this automatic generation has been kept hidden, because it was not interesting to know that the contents had been generated by machines, and in others the use of automatic generation of contents has spread and extended, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to the generation of images (supposed works of Art) and the creation of collections of NFTs through programs that automatically generate and publish NFTs in batches of hundreds or thousands of units.
What is the factor that determines the decision to hide in some cases this automatic production of content and in others to publicly encourage its use?
The explanation is quite simple and has been revealed to me by my experience in a multitude of digital environments. The reason lies in the saturation of the content sales market of each medium.

Let me explain, when the portals that offer their contents for sale detect that there are purchases from the consumers of their contents, they are very careful to maintain the idea that these contents are authored, that is, they have been generated by a person, nobody wants to spend money on a content that can be automatically generated by a machine, The reason for this is that we all still accept that the contents are part of a communication between people (as it happened in our definitions of Art), nobody is interested in sitting down to talk alone with a machine basically because they know that there is no other person behind it, because then there would be no valid human communication.
But when the market has been exhausted and there is no longer any sale of content (as is now happening with the NFTs market), then while the idea that there is still a market for that content (it is already a lie, as those who know the real statistics, the owners of the media, know) it is time for the merchants of the tools that automatically generate the content. If in the previous case, when content sales existed, there was a concern about the overflow of information (flooding or excess of automatically generated content), in this case the exhaustion of sales is no longer a problem, since it is known that nothing will be sold, then it is proposed to manufacture huge amounts of content in the hope that, among the excess of information, someone will find one of the thousands or millions of pieces that you have automatically generated.

For this feeling (that we are creating something interesting when we tell a machine to generate millions of similar pieces of content) to work there has to be something inside us that allows this nonsense to make sense, and it is our natural inclination to excess, we never have enough of something we like, we never get enough of it, until it stops interesting us and bores us. There is no middle ground. As we are fascinated by excess, automatically generated information or flooding then seems valid to us, enough reason for the sellers of tools to generate automatic content to sell them.
So we are creating a flooding that is of no interest to anyone, with a terrible consequence linked to this effect and that is that the person who wants to communicate something will find it impossible in a medium flooded by automatic flooding, nobody will be able to recognize the human authorship and no communication can be established. It is the end of the medium itself.
I think we are living the internet in the second stage, there are no more sales of content, because we know that they have been generated automatically, it is now the merchants of automatic content generating tools who are now getting their profit. The next consequence will be the impossibility of human communication and therefore the finding of the medium, the end of the internet as we know it.