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Simply you Collection
Portraits made with flat lines and colors, simple shapes that capture the beauty and essence of each character with the minimum of resources and maximum cleanliness in the finishes, thus achieving works with an industrial finish to the taste of the post-industrial generation

Symbols of an era Collection
These images may seem like simple advertising posters, but in this collection they are something more, they are the symbol of our time, they are characters and objects that have become a reference of our society, icons full of qualities, often fictitious, created to satisfy our tastes according to certain social stereotypes, becoming a symbol of our era

Matrix Collection
Images that suggest recurrent universes, fractals in which the repetition of a unit of an element recreates as a whole the image of the same element. Solutions proposed to the mesh that we call society and that is formed by the repetition of the same model of individual thousands of times. What would we observe if we could contemplate the image of the whole formed by all the individuals of a society?

Maya Collection
When we repeat the same model with simple color variations we obtain a mesh, just as the shelf of the same product in the supermarket only the subtle color variations tell us that we are dealing with different brands, in the mesh that we would form the individuals of the same society only some slight variations allowed tell us that we are dealing with different individuals replicated according to the same model.

Mosaic Collection
What would happen if we gathered all the images we have seen or captured throughout our lives into a single one. Surely we would obtain a chaotic sequence, but in this collection I propose as a result a recognizable image. Perhaps the logical sequence of the images of our life will one day make sense to us if we manage to contemplate them all together, but surely that interpretation will be different depending on the person contemplating it.

Natural and urban landscapes Collection
Landscapes made with simple shapes and flat colors, with interpretations of light according to the time of day to achieve unreal atmospheres, with colors that seem to come from a dream