Welcome to my personal website, I'm Jose Carmona (pixel2pix , k-ant), conceptual digital artist.
Here you will find information about my biography and more representative works.
I work on concepts, the synthesis of the face, body, urban, natural and virtual landscapes made from a simple, colorful and somewhat fun look with a conceptual touch. Part of my work is dedicated to the exploration of other artistic languages with new digital techniques, always trying to incorporate some concept to the meaning of the work.
In some of my works, such as the collections Pixel, Mesh, Mosaic, I use repetition as a representation of the spirit of our time, internet and networks full of objects and statistics in which successful models are repeated and cloned to infinity, overflowing the networks with mimetic content. The recreation of this idea materializes in my works as an effect, which far from provoking rejection, is fascinating, it is the same fascination that produces us to contemplate the excess of what we like in the media. Nothing is enough for us.
My work is printed on canvas or high quality photographic paper. It is also available in digital format as NFTs.
I currently have work exhibited at the gallery Babel Arte in Murcia (Spain).
Not all the works on this website are for sale, some may be reserved, check availability.
All my works are unique pieces, although you can still find some serial works, from my previous period, in the galleries I work with.


We live in the world of things, the internet is full of things, art is full of things, but the human being is much more than those things. When art understands the nature of the matter from which the human being is made, it will rise from its ashes and we will finally leave the world of things behind.
Jose Carmona