> 2023: Catalog 'Mensajes desde el caos' with my latest works >>Download PDF

I have gathered in this catalog my latest works grouped in collections, 'Pixel', 'Mesh', 'Mosaic', 'Chaos', 'Simply You', 'Symbols of an Era', 'Robot Life', 'Concepts' and 'Landscapes'.

> Biography

Summary of my artistic trajectory, you can also consult my curriculum.

> Exhibitions

Exhibitions realized in the contests in which my work has been selected and in the galleries with which I work.


Most of these publications were made under my pseudonym k-ant, a profile somewhere between artist and philosopher from which I have sought to form a conceptual basis to help me understand the current art world, from my personal perspective, but always trying to share my impressions and confront them with other artists and agents involved in the art world, using platforms such as the Art Arte por Habichuelas contests, the NOARTE manifesto and its forums.
My intention with these writings is not to generate any reaction or condition anyone, but only to understand the Art, without prejudice.
All these publications are free and freely downloadable and distributable.
Printed versions of these books are available at the Babel Art Gallery or by requesting them through the contact form on this website.

> 2018: IS ART DEAD?

This book gathers the comments of the catalog '1st Art Contest Arte por Habichuelas, What is Art?' and deepens the reflection on these questions:
- What is Art Today?
- What is there to do in Art?

> 2019: Conversations on authenticity and decontextualization in modern artwork.

The topics covered in this book are based on the artists' answers to the question posed in the '2nd Art contest Arte por Habichuelas, what do I paint here' in which the following question was asked: 'What quality do you think your work possesses for which it could be eligible for payment, either through purchase or subsidy (contest)?'.
Delving into these answers has led me, in this book, to discover new qualities of modern art, as a method of experimentation and freed from the limits of virtuosity, to unveil the stereotypes and prejudices on which artistic communication is based, to explore such strange and surprising properties as authenticity and decontextualization in modern artistic work, and to learn about the artist's work through the experiences of the artists themselves, who show us how they resolve the duality between expressing themselves and turning their work into money.

> 2020: At the limits of Art

Book 'On the limits of Art' and catalog of the '3rd Art Contest Arte por Habichuelas, views from the hidden face of Art' in which the conclusions of the process of defining the idea of 'Art' are presented and the possible limits of Art are identified, which are none other than those established for the communication of what is commonly accepted.

This manual does not pretend to be a critique of Art, but a compilation of reflections, based on my experience trying to enter the world of Art, which show a relist and sincere look, without aesthetic ornaments, of the gears of Art from the point of view of k-ant (NOARTISTA).

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